Welcome to AUN-MURCIA

The AUN-MURCIA is a non-profit, non-political organisation campaigning to bring about the legalisation of homes in MURCIA currently considered to be “illegal”.

Our association originated in the area known as El Valle del Sol, Murcia. According to figures published by the Junta de Murcia there are thousands of illegal constructions in Murcia. Many of these are homes purchased in good faith by European Citizens (the majority British) in the period from 2000-2006 when the area witnessed an unprecedented construction boom. Today many are without mains water and electricity. Many more have dubious electricity connections and lack a final habitation certificate.

The area is blighted because of the arrangements made between the then serving Town Hall officials and builders.  Some developers were allowed to construct houses with inadequate building licences or no licence at all. During this period an estimated £100m+ was paid to developers by unsuspecting families, some with children and (the majority) of retirement age.

Our members bear witness to corruption and greed amongst some government employees, builders, estate agents and the supporting professions (lawyers, architects etc) many of them in denial, but still in possession of massive sums of money obtained through their activities. Whilst accepting that not all lawyers, architects etc behaved in this unacceptable manner many unfortunately did.

Our experience here in El Valle del Sol is a microcosm of problems throughout the province of Murcia where there are thousands of illegal properties according to the regional government.

We are open to everyone in Murcia who purchased their property in good faith, and now find themselves in a position of legal uncertainty.